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Music Submissions

Submitting Music

There are two ways to submit compositions for publishing review:

  1. Online (preferred): Submit your music at ocp.submittable.com
  2. By mail: OCP Music Submissions, 5536 NE Hassalo, Portland OR 97213

If submitting music online, all required information will be gathered during the process. If submitting music by mail, submissions should minimally include the following four elements:

  1. Cover Letter: A brief cover letter including contact information, composer background and a brief description of the works submitted for review
  2. Manuscript: If handwritten, manuscript must be legible. Computer-generated manuscripts are preferred. Do not send original manuscripts as OCP is unable to return submissions received for review. The publisher cannot assume responsibility for manuscripts that are damaged or lost en route.
  3. Song text: A text-only document of the submitted song. If the song is set in a language other than English, include a translation.
  4. Copyright Information Form: Download and complete the form.

Upon receipt of a composition, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail or letter, depending on your submission method. You may withdraw your work from review at any time.

OCP can accept no more than three compositions for review from new composers in any three-month period.


Need help?

Please read our list of frequently asked questions to help you prepare your submission for review. Should you have further questions regarding submissions and the review process, please email them to us at submissions@ocp.org.


For more helpful tips, read "Getting Your Music Published." Featured in an issue of Today's Liturgy, this article offers expert insight from Rick Modlin, Music Development Manager at OCP.

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Set your music to our text

Composers who are submitting music to be reviewed for potential publication might consider using texts from OCP's various text anthologies. Since OCP publishes these texts, they are all available to be used in submissions and may serve as a source of inspiration for new, theologically sound, poetic approaches to writing new material. If you find a text that you'd like to set to music, it's advisable to search ocp.org to see if other composers have already set the text to new music. If a text has already been set, and you’d still like to use it, consider using a different musical style or approach to differentiate your work from existing publications.