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Find the right hymnal for your community

The Church supplies us with spiritual nourishment, and we can experience the love of Christ through our celebration of the Eucharist. Additionally, the Word of God can serve as model for being and acting as a Christian, living to glorify him and spread the love of Christ through the Gospel. Music is just one of the ways in which we can spread this love. This is where a hymnal comes in handy.

A hymnal is a book of Catholic hymns and tunes, along with other faith-based music that is appropriate for worship. However, it is more than just a "book of hymns." It features many different types of liturgical music for a variety of occasions. Read more

Glory & Praise hymnal cover

Glory & Praise, Third Edition

A common repertoire of cross-generational hymns and tunes for English-speaking communities to grow through congregational singing

Journeysongs, Third Edition cover

Journeysongs, Third Edition

A balanced book of hymns and songs offering both traditional and contemporary music for liturgy

Flor y Canto

Flor y Canto, Cuarta Edición

Spanish, English and bilingual music for your multicultural community

Spirit & Song cover

Spirit & Song

A contemporary hymnal with a theologically sound repertoire also available in a digital edition along with accompaniment tracks

Rise Up & Sing, Third Edition cover

Rise Up & Sing, Third Edition

Scripture-based, liturgically appropriate children's songs that parishioners love to sing — great for Sunday school

Never Too Young cover

Never Too Young

Contemporary children's songs for middle schoolers to use in prayer, liturgy and the classroom

Thánh Ca Dân Chúa cover

Thánh Ca Dân Chúa

Music to support the rich culture and spiritual heritage of your Vietnamese community


Why choose a hymnal?

A hymnal is a permanent resource containing a variety of music to meet the needs of your assembly. Songs may include gospel hymns, spiritual songs, choral music, and both traditional and contemporary liturgical music. Parishioners can also find music for various seasons and feasts throughout the year such as Marian hymns, Christmas carols and Easter tunes — all intended to help celebrate faith, praise God and live the Gospel. Songs for worship bring us together as a Church, as music enhances an individual's faith. Though the Body of Christ is a large and diverse community of believers, the Bible covers many themes and topics from which musicians can draw inspiration when writing and composing.

Music publishers like OCP provide a repertoire that is intended for use during the liturgy, but can also be used in bible study, retreats and Sunday school, among other religious gatherings. All these resources exist so that we may grow closer to God through music and actively live the Gospel. Songs of faith from OCP not only enhance congregational singing, but also help assemblies become one unified church.

Worshiping the Lord through song is an important part of what it means to be Christian. Hymns and hymnals serve as texts that will continue to enhance your celebration of the liturgy, regardless of their initial publication date. And apart from the beautiful music, these resources will also help simplify your preparation of the liturgy. As you begin selecting songs, and your music plan begins to take shape, note the tone, style and thematic elements of the pieces you have selected. Consider how you can best meet the needs of your community by choosing music they enjoy or already know. And if you're looking for music for specific celebrations, look at the topical indices in the back of each book, or try our advanced search online. Each book of worship offers hymns, spiritual songs and choral music to meet the needs of your assembly.

OCP offers featured items like hymn books, sheet music, CDs and digital resources. We also offer accompaniment tracks and music for keyboard, guitar, and solo instruments like flute, trumpet and alto saxophone.