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Offering more than 60 different Mass settings, OCP has something for every assembly. Whether your church is filled with children from the parish school, multi-generational families or faithful of all ages; whether you worship in English, Spanish, Vietnamese or a combination thereof; whether you prefer chant and more traditional music or more modern and contemporary styles—OCP's variety of Mass settings ensures that you'll be able to find the right setting for your community.


Below is a comprehensive list of all the OCP Mass settings. In the Mass setting comparison table you can filter by instrumentation, language and resource by checking the boxes directly below. You can also sort the table by clicking on the column headings. For information on the specific Mass parts available or to read a full description of each Mass setting, just click on the Mass name.

At the bottom of the page you'll find the English ICEL Chant Mass, which you can download free of charge, with the kind cooperation and full approval of ICEL.

Also, don't miss out on our Mass settings blog series where Dr. Glenn Byer provides an in-depth look at the main Mass parts.


Mass Settings Comparison Table

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Mass Name Composer Style Voicing Kbd Org Gtr Solo Inst. Brass Language Find it in:
Paul Gibson Traditional SATB     English  
Christopher Walker Chant Unison       English JS3
Christopher Walker Traditional SATB     English GP3
Paul Inwood Traditional Unison         English  
Christopher Walker Traditional Unison optional descant English  
Christopher Walker Traditional SATB Descant Cantor   English  
Owen Alstott Traditional SATB       English BB, MI, UC, HM, GP3, JS3
Jesse Manibusan, Remi Fonseca Bauer Crossover SATB       English  
Bob Fabing, SJ Crossover Unison     English  
Steve Angrisano, Tom Tomaszek Contemporary SAB       English GP3, SS
Bernard Kirkpatrick Traditional SATB   English  
Dan Schutte Crossover SAB     English, Spanish, Bilingual (Eng/Span) BB, MI, UC, HM, GP3, JS3
Stephen Lee Gospel Style SAB Cantor   English  
Ken Canedo, Bob Hurd Gospel Style SATB     English BB, MI, UC, HM, GP3, JS3
Dan Schutte Crossover SAB     English  
Bernadette Farrell Crossover Unison     English  
Scott Soper Crossover SATB   English  
John Michael Talbot Traditional SATB, Unison           English  
Curtis Stephan Contemporary Crossover SAB     Bilingual (Eng/Vie) BB, MI, HM, GP3, JS3, SS, CCM
Josh Blakesley, Grae McCullough Contemporary Three-part       English CCM
Julie Hoy Children's Traditional Unison       English  
Ricky Manalo, CSP Crossover SATB English JS3, BB, MI
Kevin Keil Traditional Crossover SATB English BB, MI
Luke Mayernik Traditional Unison     English  
Bobby Fisher Contemporary SATB     English  
Curtis Stephan Contemporary SATB     English  
Gerard Chiusano Traditional SATB English  
Sarah Hart Contemporary SAB       English CCM
Christopher Walker Traditional Crossover SATB   English BB, MI
Tom Booth, Matt Maher, Tim E. Smith Contemporary Unison       English SS
Carey Landry Children's Two-part       English  
Bob Hurd, Ken Canedo Contemporary SATB, Cantor     English  
Tom Booth Contemporary SAB       English SS, CCM
Gerard Chiusano Traditional, Crossover SATB English  
Bob Hurd Crossover SATB     English  
Ricky Manalo, CSP Crossover SATB, Unison     English  
Mark Friedman Janet Vogt Children's Unison Descant       English  
Ken Canedo Traditional, Crossover SATB     English  
Gael Berberick, Barney Walker Crossover SATB     English  
Randall DeBruyn Traditional SATB English BB, MI, HM, JS3
Timothy R. Smith Contemporary Crossover SAB   English GP3
Carlos Manuel Santana Reyes Latin flavored Unison       Spanish  
Javier Leturia Latin flavored Unison       Spanish FYC3
Juan J. Sosa, Pbro. Cuban Unison       Spanish MD, UC, FYC3
Christopher Walker Latin Flavored SAB, Unison   Spanish  
Bob Hurd Traditional SATB, Dsc     Bilingual (Eng/Span) MD, FYC3
Pedro Rubalcava Mariachi Three-part     Spanish UC
Various Caribbean Two-part       Spanish FYC3
Rufino Zaragoza, OFM Latin flavored Unison       Spanish UC, FYC3
Alejandro Mejía Latin flavored Unison       Spanish MD, UC, FYC3
Various artists Caribbean Unison       Spanish MD, FYC3
Carlos Rosas Mariachi Unison       Spanish FYC3
Mary Frances Reza Latin flavored Unison, Two-part       Spanish MD, UC, FYC3
Diego Correa and Damaris Thillet Caribbean SAB       Spanish  
Jaime Cortez Latin flavored Unison       Spanish FYC3
Estela García-López, Rodolfo López Latin flavored SATB   Bilingual (Eng/Span) MD, UC
Mary Frances Reza Latin flavored SATB     Bilingual (Eng/Span) BB, MI, UC, GP3, JS3
Azeneth González Contemporary Three-part       Spanish  
Christopher Willcock, SJ Traditional SATB   English  
Richard Proulx Chant SATB           English  
Bob Hurd Chant SATB       Bilingual (Eng/Lat)  
Mauricio Centeno José Córdova Latin flavored SATB       Spanish FYC3
Bob Hurd Crossover SAB       English  
Kevin Keil, Paul Hillebrand Lenten/Traditional SATB     English  
  • JS3Journeysongs: Third Edition
  • SSSpirit & Song
  • BBBreaking Bread
  • MIMusic Issue
  • UCUnidos en Cristo/United in Christ
  • HMHeritage Missal
  • MDMisal del Día
  • FYC3Flor y Canto Tercera Edición
  • GP3Glory & Praise, Third Edition
  • CCMChoose Christ Missal

Mass Settings Blog Series

In this infomative blog series, Dr. Glenn CJ Byer provides an in-depth look at the various sung parts of the Mass—their origin, history, liturgical usage and more.




International Commission on English in the Liturgy Chant Mass

With the kind cooperation and full approval of ICEL, we are pleased to offer, without charge, official recordings and sheet music for the ICEL English-language Chant Mass. IMPORTANT NOTE: When reprinting these ICEL accompaniments, please take care that the copyright lines are always shown.

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