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Worship Resources

Worship Resources

Whether you’re looking for a flexible missal with an updated repertoire or the stability of a permanent book filled with trusted music, you can rest assured that OCP has Catholic worship resources and Christian worship resources to engage, unite and inspire your faith community.


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OCP missals

Annual or seasonal, featuring new music every year

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OCP hymnals

A great economical choice, offering a stable repertoire of trusted music

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liturgical support materials

Liturgy Support Materials

Get the most of your worship program with accompaniment books, resources for prayer and worship, quarterly planning tools and more!

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choral anthologies

Choral Anthologies

Enrich the music in your missal program with must-have choral resources

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latin and chant

Latin and Chant

Experience the beauty and simplicity of Latin chant during Catholic worship

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mass settings

Mass Settings

Encourage full, conscious and active participation in Catholic churches with a variety of Mass settings

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psalm resources

Psalm Resources

Enrich Sunday Mass, feast days and other liturgical celebrations in your parish with unique psalm settings

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digital resources

Digital Resources

Innovative online worship resources that give you anytime access to music, accompaniments, MP3s and more

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