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Missal covers from OCP

Keep your missals looking like new all year long


Frequently asked questions


Q: What is the difference between a "rigid" cover and a "pliable" cover?
A: “Rigid” covers are less flexible than “pliable” covers and provide a snug fit for missals. Pliable covers tend to be easier to insert your book into but may not be as durable.

Q: How do I know if I need one pocket or two?
A: Missal cover pockets are where you insert the front or back flap of each missal – you only need two pockets if you have two books per cover (as in the case of parishes offering Today’s Missal Music Issue along with Today’s Missal) or if you wish to insert a prayer or song card in an extra clear plastic pocket.

Q: How do I choose a spine size?

A: In many cases, only one spine size is recommended for a particular resource. If more than one spine size is available, the various sizes listed (large, medium, slim) will all fit your resource or resources, the smaller sizes will just fit more snugly.

Q: How do I use a missal cover?

A: The video below explains how to use a missal cover to protect your resources.


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