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Recent Steve angrisano Blog Posts

  • Ave Maria (Mary Sing with Joyful Heart)

    In this episode of The Commons, Steve Angrisano performs and discusses his song based on hymn text by James Quinn, "Ave Maria (Mary Sing...
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  • Music and Mission - Steve Angrisano

    Music and Mission returns with a special father/son collaboration. Join Steve Angrisano as he reflects on some of his favorite songs thr...
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  • I Am the Bread of Life

    Steve Angrisano and Tom Booth share a live informal performance of their gentle Eucharistic hymn based on the compassionate words of Jes...
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  • Be Merciful, O Lord

    Psalm 51 is prayed often during Lent, at the Liturgy of the Hours, at Reconciliation Services, and on other occasions throughout the lit...
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  • Christ Our Light Has Come

    Steve Angrisano shares a moving family story of how his grandfather reflected the light of Christ. Curtis Stephan then joins Steve in pe...
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