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October 5, 2020

Beautiful Is Your Love

Josh Blakesley, Sarah Hart and Marc Byrd composed a song of praise and thanksgiving that serves as a bridge between Communion and adoration. After we receive the Body of Christ in the sacred liturgy, we turn to him with loving hearts during adoration, when Jesus loves us in return through the mystery of his Eucharistic presence.

Oh, how beautiful is your love for me.
Oh, what joy is mine in this mystery.
I will not fear the dark,
here in the presence of your heart.
Oh, how beautiful is your love.

Oh, how wonderful is your offering:
Lamb laid down for me on compassion’s tree.
How could I turn away from the mercy of your face?
Oh, how wonderful is your love.

Jesus, Jesus!
Oh, how beautiful is your love!
Jesus, Jesus!
Oh, how beautiful is your love!

So miraculous is your sacrifice:
body broken here
that I might have life.
Take everything I own;
let me be yours alone.
So miraculous is your love.

In this video, Josh Blakesley provides an in-depth tutorial for the chord stylings and fingerpicking techniques used in his song "Beautiful Is Your Love."


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