September 8, 2020

All that We Have Seen

When Mary Magdalene and the disciples encountered the Risen Jesus, he empowered them to run and share God’s love with everyone. Sarah Hart’s new song inspires us to do the same: Go forth from our parish community and share with the world all that we have seen and heard in our celebration of the Eucharist.

All that we have seen, we will not hide away.
We will hold it up as the light of day,
a lamp of mercy meant to guide and lead
carried to the least. We will show the world
all that we have seen.

We will go forth to serve the Lord
and we will love as never before.
The peace of God has set us free
to proclaim to all the world
all that we have seen.

All that we have heard, we cannot keep within
for the truth is meant to be told again.
Singing the promise of the saving Word
of he who loved us first, we will tell the world
all that we have heard.


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