January 11, 2021

A Light to the Nations

In this video, Sarah Hart sits down with Ben Walther to discuss his new song, A Light to the Nations.

Inspired by Isaiah 49 (“I will make you a light to the nations”), Ben Walther composed this energizing song of our mission to bring Christ’s light to all people. “Your love within us, a beacon bright, to a world that needs to know your might.” So encouraging, so inspiring.

To be bold in today’s world is hard. To share the light in the gospel, even just one little gesture of love can be light.

Be more bold to love, to serve, to do the things that you can do.

“You built a city, on mountain peaks.
Your voice from heaven in thunder speaks
The great commandment, compelling us, to a world that needs to know your love
A light to the nations
A great celebration of the mercy that is lavished on us
A hope for the hopeless and a sign of forgiveness
God, let us be a light to the nations.”


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