March 15, 2021

Easter Vigil in the Holy Night (Apr 3, 2021)

“Do not be amazed! You seek Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified. He has been raised; he is not here.”

The Sacred Paschal Triduum concludes with the uplifting celebration of the Easter Vigil.

Easter Vigil in the Holy Night (Apr 3, 2021)


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Note: This is a special extended podcast to cover all the additional music for the Easter Vigil.


Responsorial Psalms

Psalm 104 (following the first reading)
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit, and Renew the Face of the Earth (Steve Angrisano)
Spirit & Psalm 2021: p. 150
Psalm 16 (following the second reading)
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Paul Hillebrand)
Spirit & Psalm 2021: p. 154
Exodus 15 (following the third reading)
Let Us Sing to the Lord (Curtis Stephan)
Spirit & Psalm 2021: p. 156
Psalm 30 (following the fourth reading)
I Will Praise You, Lord (Rick Modlin)
Spirit & Psalm 2021: p. 158
Isaiah 12 (following the fifth reading)
You Will Draw Water Joyfully (Curtis Stephan)
Spirit & Psalm 2021: p. 160
Psalm 19 (following the sixth reading)
Lord, You Have the Words of Everlasting Life (Scot Crandal)
Spirit & Psalm 2021: p. 162
Psalm 42 (following the seventh reading)
Like a Deer that Longs for Running Streams (Timothy R. Smith)
Spirit & Psalm 2021: p. 164
Psalm 51 (following seventh reading if baptism is not celebrated)
Create a Clean Heart (Sarah Hart)
Spirit & Psalm 2021: p. 168
Psalm 118 (following the Epistle)
Alleluia: Give Thanks to the Lord (Josh Blakesley)
Spirit & Psalm 2021: p. 170

Common Psalm Option Psalm 136: God’s Love Is Everlasting (Ken Canedo)

Spirit & Song #96

Baptismal Liturgy Litany of the Saints (John Becker)

Choose Christ Missal 2021 #6; Breaking Bread #708

Sprinkling of the Assembly Gather at the Water (Sarah Hart)

Choose Christ Missal 2021 #208

Confirmation Holy Spirit, Come Now / Santo Espiritu, Ven (Jesse Manibusan and Santiago Fernandez)

Choose Christ Missal 2021 #152

Presentation and Preparation of the Gifts Christ Is Risen (Matt Maher and Mia Fieldes)

Choose Christ Missal 2021 #138; Spirit & Song #181

Easter Vigil Communion Antiphon Christ our Passover Has Been Sacrificed (Steve Angrisano, Sarah Hart, Curtis Stephan)

Let Us All Rejoice #87

Communion Chant Put on Christ (Bob Hurd)

Spirit & Song #127; Never Too Young #234

Sending Forth Hallelujah Is Our Song (Sarah Hart, Sarah Kroger, Josh Blakesley and Trey Heffinger)

Choose Christ Missal 2021 #146; Breaking Bread #167

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